Order and Progress :- An Star Wars imperial mini campaign


The galactic scale of death and destruction brought about during the Clone Wars and the betrayal by the Jedi are now nearly 25 years behind us. The chaos and death of this period ended with the rise of the Empire, under the inspired leadership of his majesty Emperor Palpatine. The Empire has brought us many gifts: peace, security, an end to the corruption that plagued the Republic, most importantly, it has brought order and progress.

Obviously, this has all come at a cost, as does anything of worth. It is you who must pay the price for the continuing hope the Empire has given to the galaxy.

The Empire has pacified the Core, the Colonies, the Inner Rim , yet the Outer Rim  still remains chaotic. The Outer Rim is a hive of scum and villainy, infested with criminals, defeated separatists and worst of all, out and out rebels.

In his wisdom, the Emperor has assigned the illustrious Grand Moff Tarkin  to the difficult task of bringing the Outer Rim Territories into line. His is where you as recently recently graduated Imperial officers are tasked to work in secret to stabilise and grow imperial rule in this lawless outland.

Order and Progress

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