Location and Planetary Morphology

Located in the Needa System on the Galactic Rim, the planet Tigris is a jungle world with a vast strip of desert running around its equator.

Planetary Economy and Population

The planet is a backwater even by Rim standards with no local industries or population centers of any note except "The Capitial" the planets only star port. What sustains "The Capitial" and much of the local population is activity in and around numerous plantations growing food and other organic goods for export.

Much of these goods are transported off planet to the Euphrates mining belt on the fringes of the Needa System.

  Administration and Military 

Imperial military records indicate only one facility, an Republic listening post established some time during the clone wars. This facility holds the only Imperial military presents in the Needa System. This presents amounts to a unit of aged clone troopers stationed


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