The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB)


The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), the public branch known as Imperial Security Services or simply Imperial Security, was a law enforcement and internal intelligence organization of the Galactic Empire under Galactic Emperor Palpatine. Based in the massive ISB Central Office on Imperial Center, it was separate from, larger than, and often rival to Imperial Intelligence.

The Imperial Security Bureau was formed in 19 BBY by Crueya Vandron.1 Its forerunner, the Internal Security Bureau,12 was combined with elements of the fanatical Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, formerly the Commission for the Protection of the Republic,1 and the Coruscant Security Force’s Anti-Terrorism Unit and detective units5. Vandron formed the organization to keep an eye on Imperial Intelligence and to ensure that the New Order’s ideals were carried out.1 Ironically, several of the CSF officers transferred to the ISB were not enthusiastic about Palpatine or the New Order.5

The ISB stationed moles among the officers of all capital ships in the Imperial Navy; their duty was to report on any possibly treasonous activities or sentiments present among others of the ship’s crew (especially the commander), and to execute them if they acted upon them. The ISB served more of a police function than Imperial Intelligence, with a more public presence; ISB operatives were not afraid of identifying themselves, and maintained an overt force of Operations Ships to make arrests.

The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB)

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