The Capitial


The Capital

The Capital represents the only significant base of local industry and major population. “The Capital” contains the planets only star port with most activity there concerned around exporting food and organic products. These products are generated from numerous plantations, which cut jaggedly into the northern jungles of Tigris.

City locations

Donjon Arcology

The city is dominated by the pyramidal structure of the Imperial Donjon Arcology, the abode of Imperial Governor Ebba Eos as well as the cities rich and powerful.

The Favela

The Favela (slums) came into being early during the planets settlement, poor citizens were pushed away from the Donjon Arcology forced either to work the plantations or cling to the capital in the only areas they could afford.


The landing field

The landing fields, stand on the edge of the city. This space newly cleared of Favelas and jungle to accommodate the growing frequency of star ships visiting due to the resent Imperial economic developments.


The Capitial

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