"What are my orders"


" By your command"

Enforcer droids are advanced droids used by the Empire and its Republic predecessor for Law enforcement purposes.

The II-3 does not require a independent command system to operate, which gives the droid limited independence. This model is also famed for its thick armour casing, which contained their fragile sensors. Some models where also upgraded with cannon arms, which combined with the heavy amour makes it more of a battle droid. However, the II-3’s were designed with simple processors, limiting their ability to formulate strategies. As a result, they relied on organic commanders in order to effectively operate.

The droid seems to contain no memory of its previous postings.

What is evident is had its seen substantial action with extensive carbon scoring across sections of this armoured body. Other wise II-3 appears in good repair with a number of quality repairs and new replacement parts.


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